Wednesday, January 8, 2014

learning together

There was a time when thinking much past the present was pretty unbearable for me when it came to Kamdyn. Thinking about the future would immediately bring me to tears. I'm happy to say that it doesn't  have that affect on me any longer. I have a peace about her future. Even while realizing things may not go as I hope, I feel peace about God's plan for her life and by extension, mine.

There are still things that get me though. Lately, it has been the struggles and the realization that there will always be a struggle, something to overcome. This, I know I have to still work to find peace with.

Potty training............... Ugh! Potty training! It is a struggle. She is making progress, but it is slow, and that makes me sad.

I started this post a couple weeks ago, when Kamdyn was making almost zero progress on the potty. It seemed like she just wasn't ready. But over the last week, she has been peeing on the potty several times a day. Then, last night, she stood at the bathroom door until I asked her if she needed to pee pee. She said "yes" and then she DID!!! Saying I was excited is an understatement.

The sensory issues................ They are not my friend. Or hers. I hate how they stand between her and things she'd like to do. I hate how they make her afraid. I was near tears [last week when I wrote this post] when we were at the Utz potato chip factory, and Kamdyn could not walk up the ramp so that she could see, because she was afraid.

.  photo 6AD49E18-44EA-4721-BAB7-BB7EE19E7E28_zps0i7u8qrc.jpg

Part of her sensory issues are climbing things and heights, and this involved both: walking up a ramp and being high above the factory. And me trying to help her is often not a good solution, so I have to just let her be. Let her navigate on her own but encourage her. 

That can be hard. I have  to let her figure these things out on her own but gently push her, because I know she CAN do anything she puts her mind to. Sometimes it may take a very long time before she can conquer it, and sometimes, like this time, it just takes a little while and some motivation by seeing big brother and sister do it.

And the feeling of pride that swells up is so much more rewarding than any sadness I felt before. 
 photo 8A9B6537-F98E-4859-9F4E-B496FF1B429A_zpsxnelc23y.jpg

She did it!

And maybe next time, she'll be able to climb up the steps to look through the Little Utz girl's face : )

 photo 5BB3EF26-EE49-454E-BC31-A22DA66DCAC1_zpstacvgskm.jpg


  1. I am in a similar place. . . the realization with there will always be a struggle. Ellie struggling to do things. A struggle to get the therapies that Ellie needs. A struggle for societal acceptance. Plus the struggle that I am struggling! Kamdyn is doing great with the potty training! We have been at it for a year. There has been progress and by progress I mean that she can not recognize when she is wet and can pull up/down pants. She has not actually peed in the potty. She sits and looks to see if she is peeing, but no urine. Sigh. We will get there. At some point. . . preferably sooner rather than later!

    Isn't it interesting how different kids can be. I lament about the climbing. How she never stops climbing and how she shows no fear. Kamdyn seems to have the opposite sensory issues. If we could just get our girls together! Maybe they would balance each other out. Ellie would learn from Kamdyn and Kamdyn from Ellie. The picture of Kamdyn at the top of the ramp to see the potato chips is priceless. She is like Rocky who climbed the steps to the art museum!

  2. You're right, it's a struggle that seems to change as our kids change. My daughters struggles are in some ways the same as when she was nine and then they are very different. She turned 12 a few months ago and I'm pretty sure this is THE YEAR for those GIRL ISSUES. If you catch my drift. I have no idea what to expect.

    My daughter has her own fears too. Sometimes they just don't make any logical sense to me so it's hard for me to be understanding. But I also have to realize that she needs to be able to overcome obstacles on her own.

    Great post!